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Homeowners | Renters

We understand that owning a home is a major achievement. A Homeowners policy is your defence at protecting your investment as well as your family and personal property from the uncertainties of day-to-day living, protecting you and your investments, as well as your family and personal property.


Many people believe that when they rent a property or an apartment that their personal property is automatically covered under their Landlord’s insurance policy. The fact is, Landlords are not responsible for your personal property. A Landlord is only responsible for damage to the structure itself. In order to protect your personal property, you will need to purchase a Renter’s Policy. A Renter’s Policy will also protect you for Liability if you are found liable for damages you caused to the property by fire or flooding, as well as if you were negligent and caused someone to get hurt while being on your property. Renter Policies are a low cost way of protecting yourself and your assets. You will also qualify for a multi-policy discount if the same company writes your Auto Policy as well.


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