Life & Health Insurance

Our experienced team of Agents with years of industry knowledge and expertise work closely with the insurance companies to provide you with a comprehensive range of Individual and Group Life & Health Insurance products and services designed for your employees and/or your family.


Group Health

Most consumers receive their health coverage through some form of employer sponsored group health insurance plans. While large corporations with hundreds of employees have the power to negotiate with medical insurance companies for custom health plans for their workers, the small business owner must still research options and compare prices from multiple providers. Since small business health insurance is medically underwritten and some companies offer guaranteed coverage to all employees in a given company, it can be difficult and time consuming for a small business owner to find the best policy. Our group health insurance resources help cut down on the time it takes to get medical insurance quotes, making the processing quicker and simpler.Life


The Affordable Care Act Information

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (Coventry)
Health Reform and IRS W2 Reporting (Coventry)
Revised Summary of Benefits and Coverage (Highmark)
Reporting Health Coverage Costs on W-2s (Highmark)


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