Business Insurance

We understand how important it is to keep your company running efficiently and productively. Our experienced team of agents with years of industry knowledge and expertise work closely with the insurance companies to provide you with a comprehensive range of business insurance products and services designed to protect your company and its employees.


Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance, commonly known as Errors & Omissions coverage, is designed to protect companies and individuals from liability arising from the rendering of their professional services. Companies and individuals that provide professional services can be sued for negligence, even if they haven’t made a mistake. If a company or individual provides a professional service or regularly gives advice to clients they should have this important coverage in place. Suits brought for errors and omissions are not covered by standard commercial general liability policies, they must be addressed by professional liability coverage. Some examples of professions in need of professional liability:


  • Doctors (Medical Malpractice coverage)
  • Healthcare professionals (PA’s, nurses, medical billing companies)
  • Lawyers
  • Financial advisors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Pharmacists
  • OTs/PTs/SLPs


The number of professions requiring specialized education and knowledge is continually increasing. This list is a small sampling of the types of individuals and organizations that need professional liability coverage. Professionals have a duty to perform their contracted services in accordance with industry standards. If those standards are breached clients can pursue damages in a court of law. Professional liability coverage will protect the insured against such liability.


Our agency provides professional liability coverage for all types of professions and organizations. We have access to a large list of quality insurance carriers to obtain quotes for your coverage. We can review your contracts to make sure there are no gaps in your professional liability coverage and that you will be protected from any liability arising out of the rendering of your services.


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