Does Your Home Insurance Cover These Three Claims?

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3 Home Claims You Probably Aren’t Protected Against


Your homeowners insurance policy covers you for pretty much anything that can happen, right? Well, the answer may not be so simple. While most homeowners policies are fairly comprehensive, here are a few claims that you may not be covered for on your current homeowners policy:


Identity Theft

The number of identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year, according to the Federal Trade Commission, and is the fastest growing crime in America. We can add insurance protection for identity theft to your customized homeowners policy with our agency for a very minimal cost. This coverage pays for your out of pocket expenses associated with getting your identity back. These expenses can add up to thousands of dollars in money and your time.


Water Backup

Yuck! Heavy rains can often cause sewage from sanitary lines to back up into houses through drain pipes causing extensive damage and health hazards. The backing up of water through sewers and drains in your home is not a standard coverage provided by most homeowners policies. Coverage to repair the damage and remediate the health concerns quickly can be added to a customized homeowners policy with our agency for a nominal cost.


Refrigerated Items

Who thinks of the food in their refrigerator or meat in their freezer during a storm crisis? Power outages caused by severe storms often lead to spoiled food when your fridge shuts off. This can add up to several hundreds of dollars or even more for people storing large amounts of food in their freezers. Don’t worry, we can cover you for this as part of your customized homeowners policy with our agency.

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