Health Insurance: What is the big deal everybody?

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With all of the talk and political fighting going on many wonder why it is so important to have health insurance coverage. In layman’s terms, health insurance provides financial coverage for expensive medical procedures for a premium paid monthly or bi-monthly. The average cost of a visit to an emergency room is $1500-$5000. Because healthcare cost is not regulated, an MRI at one hospital can cost several hundred dollars more than the same test at another hospital.


Without health insurance, you are responsible for 100% of the cost. One inpatient visit, which can cost a minimum of $5,000, can completely wipe out a savings account. A normal (non-surgical) birth without complications can cost around $10,000. Even trips to a primary care physician for routine checkups can cost several hundred dollars. Healthcare in America is very expensive and those who do not have health insurance stand the chance of being ruined financially if they require anything more than routine medical care.


Patients without medical insurance and the ability to pay large sums of money of healthcare may not receive the best possible care in the event of a life-threatening disease. It is no secret that those with health insurance have better access to medical care than those without medical insurance. Patients without medical insurance will not have the same access to specialists in the event of a life-threatening illness.


With so many plans and options available the best idea is to discuss your unique needs with a professional insurance agent. We have health insurance experts on standby to assist you.
The bottom line is that health insurance is very important…in fact your life could depend on it.


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