Am I required by law to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

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If you have employees in the state of West Virginia you are required by law to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage. If you are a sole proprietor or partnership and have no other employees, you can be exempted from buying it. Our agents can provide you the required paperwork to be exempted from purchasing the coverage.


Workers’ compensation is designed to protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents and to provide medical care and compensation for lost income to employees that are hurt in workplace accidents. The coverage provides payments to injured workers for time lost from work and for medical and rehabilitation services no matter who was at fault in the accident. It also provides death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents.


WV Broad Form Employer’s Liability coverage can also be added to your workers comp policy for an additional charge. This protects you as an employer for lawsuits by employees alleging deliberate intent on your behalf. Five criteria must be met for a claim to be awarded. Briefly, those criteria are:


• that a specific unsafe working condition existed
• that the employer had actual knowledge of the condition
• that one or more safety standards, whether regulations or commonly accepted, were violated
• that the employer intentionally exposed the employee to the unsafe condition
• the employee suffered serious compensable injury or death


There is no additional cost to having an agent represent you for your workers compensation coverage. Contact our expert staff for a free quote for your workers compensation policy today.


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