The Reason You Should Increase Your Auto Insurance Limits

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I have auto insurance so I am covered if I cause an accident, right? The answer is that you are covered up to the liability limits you have chosen, and in most people’s cases, the limits they choose are not enough to cover the cost of a serious accident. In WV you are required to carry 20/40/10 auto liability limits. This means you will have the following available money if you are at fault in an accident:


  • • $20,000 to pay for injuries per person you injure
  • • $40,000 total maximum to pay for all people you injure in the accident
  • • $10,000 to repair/replace any vehicles or other property you damage (such as light post, building, etc.)


Here is the scary part…any money above these amounts you will be responsible to pay out of your own pocket! Several sources estimate the average cost of one day in the hospital is about $3,000. If you seriously injure someone in an accident your coverage could run out very quickly. This could leave you responsible to pay the balance. If you don’t have the cash you could be forced to sell your possessions or have your wages attached for several years and face financial ruin.


This scenario can be easily avoided by purchasing higher limits of auto liability coverage. If you let our agency provide you with quotes for higher limits we think you will not only be better protected, but you will find that the cost to increase your coverage is very affordable.


Be smart, protect your family, get a quote for higher limits today by contacting our staff or submitting your contact information on the “Get A Quote” tab our this site.


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